The Pains of Breastfeeding

Since my son was born, I knew I was going to breastfeed him right away. It was just something I was adamant of doing. After he was born, the doctor had me do skin to skin for an hour and after that they wanted to feed him. Not going to lie, it was extremely painful! I wasn’t expecting it to be painful at all but I was wrong. The first night at the hospital wasn’t too bad tho, I met with a lactation consultant and she helped me latch him on properly. The second night, however, I cried all night. First, no one tells you that the second night the baby usually cluster feeds, which is when the baby eats every hour! So I would close my eyes and it was time to feed him again! And my nipples at this point were raw! They hurt so bad, it was the middle of the night and I couldn’t latch him on! I had no idea what I was doing. The nurse finally comes in and helps me and says she’ll take the baby to the nursery so my husband and I can sleep for a little.

The next morning was when we got discharged, and I felt completely unprepared! I still didn’t know how to latch him on and my boobs we’re cracked and it was extremely painful just for him to latch on.

Fast forward, its now been 5 weeks and I’ve meet with another lactation consultant to help latch him properly but I’m still in great pain. One boob is still cracked and it hasn’t healed yet! Around my nipples it’s extremely sore and sensitive. I showed my doctor she said yeah that’s fine keep feeding him on it. I’ve tried just pumping the left side and feeding on the right, but I would literally be pumping all day! There was just too much milk and my boob would be rock hard every couple of hours. For my sanity, I couldn’t pump and feed, it was just too much. I still do pump but now it’s only once a day.

I literally cry every time I have to latch him on my left side. My right side is much better. I’ve been using lanolin cream after every feeding, but still no relief! I just recently tried putting coconut oil on them. If anyone has any ideas to help with the soreness and cracks, please please share!

3 thoughts on “The Pains of Breastfeeding”

  1. It will get better, trust me, the pain should go away soon cause your nipples are getting used to it. There are some nipple lotions but I didn’t find them useful. Smear the milk on them after feeding and leave them undressed for a while, that’s the advice I got

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