To Give Or Not To Give

Let’s talk about pacifiers! I’m struggling with that currently. I see my nephew at 3 years old still use a pacifier and think maybe it’s not a good idea. But anytime my baby wants to suck on something, he expects my boob and I’m just over it! He is constantly on my boob just for comfort now. I tried giving him the pacifier multiple times and he acts like he doesn’t know what to do with it and starts gagging.

I would love if it doesn’t use the pacifier, but he looks to just suck on something a lot! I’m worried hes overfeeding if he’s on the boob so much. Any ideas? I’ve tried multiple different pacifiers and no luck . Maybe it is a good thing, just need some relief for my boobs 😣

5 thoughts on “To Give Or Not To Give”

  1. I breastfeed too and used the pacifier. It was no problem to remove it during the day and now he just uses it when he sleeps (he’s 19mnth) and we plan to remove it by his second birthday. It’s important to remove it before the baby’s 2.5yr (the same applies to diapers I was told) because its more difficult to do it later


    1. oh really! I tried giving him all kinds of pacifiers, I don’t know if his mouth is too small or what, he just wont latch on it.
      Yea my sister is having a hard time with my nephew potty training him and having him stop the pacifier and hes almost 3!


  2. My 19 month old just gave up his binky. I thought he would put up a fight, but he actually didn’t. And neither did my first baby when I took his away around age two. My second son wouldn’t take one and he was on the boob all the time! I wished he would take one sometimes but he just wouldn’t. 🤷


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