Travelling With A Newborn

I have a trip planned for my son and I that’s coming up quick. I only have a couple months left in my maternity leave😭 so I decided to go stay with my mom for a month in Egypt. I’m pretty excited, I feel like I haven’t had any real help with the baby and I have been struggling. At least I know my mom will make sure I’m well fed! Also, this will be the first time she’s meeting her grandson!

Since the date is getting closer (beginning of July) I’ve been getting his suitcase ready. I read a lot online on what to bring and not to bring.

I’m bringing diapers, wipes, clothes, a to go bassinet, his stroller and car seat, lotions, a first aid kit. I’m trying not to over do it, ahaha but also don’t want to forget anything.

Any ideas on what else to bring??

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