Weekends Are For Family

“Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. And having both is a blessing.”🙏🏽

I am a huge believer in being close to your family. I grew up first generation Egyptian. My parents brought us to America when we were young (my 2 sisters and brother) but always made sure we knew where we came from. Since my parents felt pretty alone in this country, our family was extremely close.

Now that my siblings and I are older, with kids of our own, we still live fairly close to each other and see each other once a week sometimes more. We text in a group chat daily and are very much in each others lives. Honestly, I believe being so close to family helps with a lot of things mentally, especially depression. You just have your sisters or brother always to talk to if needed and it’s nice to always have someone check up on you.

When I married my husband he loved the fact that my family is so close knit. He grew up a navy brat, so he was always moving around and once he grew older he wasn’t close to either of his parents or siblings. That really bothered me because I told him I wanted our kids to know their grandparents and be close to all of them.

Now that we have our son, we visit his dad (who lives 10 minutes away) every week! We see my sister and her family every Sunday, and I’ll go during the week too. My younger sister and brother live down the street and come over for dinner every other night, and my parents live with us.

This is my niece and nephew and my son. My nephew is old enough to know that is this is cousin and video calls me everyday to say hi to baby cousin! He’s so cute🥰🥰

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