2 Month Checkup

My little man just turned 2 months and today was his checkup. It went pretty well, he got a couple shots and cried a lot. But he’s doing great! The doctor was a little iffy when I told her he sleeps next to me tho. She was like ohh really, you know the risks right? (I’m not a fan of his pediatrician!)

So let me start by saying, I have tried the crib and the bassinet and both have not worked out. As soon as I get him to fall asleep I put him in the crib and he’ll wake himself up and be up for HOURS! It just becomes a restless night for all of us because now he’s fussy that he can’t fall asleep, and we can’t keep our eyes open. I also found that when he eventually fell asleep in the crib he woke up 30 minutes later crying! I fed him, and he was up for hours again. It was just a very rough night.

So after that, we tried the bassinet, which turned out the same. After being exhausted multiple nights in a row, I decided to let him sleep next to me one night. It went very well for both of us. He stayed asleep throughout most of the night. He woke up a couple times to eat but went right back to sleep after. I was finally able to sleep. It just worked. I do know the risks, and I am very cautious. (But this is only temporary)

We do want to get him to sleep in his crib eventually, hopefully before I go back to work. I am going to keep trying!

What are your thoughts on co-sleeping??

2 thoughts on “2 Month Checkup”

  1. We co-slept right up until my son was 7 months old and then started crib training, he’s now 11-months old and refuses to co-sleep with us! It was really hard during those first few nights because we had to let him cry until he figured out how to self sooth, all babies are different my sons pedi was a little pushy about trying to get us to stop co-sleeping but it is what works best for you and your family and as long as you’re aware of the risks I really don’t see the harm!

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    1. Oh really.. yea I’m aware of the risks. I just felt so judged for cosleeping. And she also said shes not a fan of letting him cry it out either. 🤷🏽‍♀️


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