Friends After Motherhood

Since I’ve given birth, almost all my friends have come over to visit my baby. My best friend even stayed a week at home with me to help out! After that, I really haven’t talked to them again. A couple of close friends have been in contact, but the truth is, it’s harder to keep our relationship now. I can’t really go out with them to the spa or even just to grab a cup of coffee. They text me every now and then to check up, but our lifestyles are completely different now. They want to go out, while I have a baby to take care of. I just can’t drop everything and “hang out” anymore and I’m okay with that. Since my son is only a month old, I’m having a hard time just leaving my house without having to worry about breastfeeding him in public if he gets hungry.

Its definitely an adjustment, but I’m enjoying motherhood and my husband so I’m okay with not seeing my friends as much as I used to.